About Indico.UN

The Indico project

The Indico (Integrated Digital Conferencing) Project was born as a European project, a joint initiative of CERN, SISSA, University of Udine, TNO, and Univ. of Amsterdam. The main objective was to create a web-based, multi-platform conference storage and management system. This software would allow the storage of documents and metadata related to real events.

Indico at the UN

Indico is an effortless, customizable and user-friendly open source tool that allows for planned meetings to be executed in a flexible and integrated manner, thus making the process of managing events for organizers and event registration for participants more efficient. Indico has been in use at UNOG since 2016.  Due to its benefits for conference organizers across Geneva and security at the Palais des Nations, it has quickly expanded to over 50 UN entities worldwide. In customizing it to suit UN needs, the instance currently in use by the UN is known as Indico.UN.


Indico provides features for the management of the entire conference lifecycle, as well as for meetings and side events:

  • User friendly
  • One-time account creation
  • Online registration
  • Email notifications
  • Statistics
  • Surveys
  • Customisable event pages
  • Event timetables
  • Customisable registration forms
  • Registration management
  • Integrates with:
    • Security Service tools and platforms
    • Other UN conference management systems (iCSO, eMeets, gDoc, ODS)

Find out more

If your organization is not yet on Indico.UN and would like to find out more, contact the support team. Please note: only UN system and related International Organizations are eligible to use Indico.UN.

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